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Sensitivity that can go along with Fibromyalgia

May 21, 2012

With fibromyalgia I have heightened senses that cause sensitivity to touch, sight, smell, hearing, & taste.

 TOUCH -Have you ever had someone touch you and it hurts?  It feels like there are little needles in your skin with the slightest touch.  It is kind of like what it feels to touch a cactus.  OUCH!  Clothes even hurt and I have to cut most tags out because they seem to be digging into my skin..  There are certain materials that I just can’t wear, and I can tell immediately if it will irritate my skin as soon as I try it on.  I buy the softest socks I can find and prefer the seamless toe style because even the seam in socks bother my feet.  A trick I found out from my mother-in-law is to turn socks inside out and they are softer and feel much better.  SIGHT -My eyes are more sensitive to light since I was diagnosed to fibromyalgia.  There are times that I just want they lights turned off or dimmed because of this symptom.  SMELL -My sense of smell is so much stronger than it should be.  I had a heightened sense of smell when I was pregnant with our boys, but with fibromyalgia it is off the charts.  I have to buy a lot of unscented products because the odors seems so strong and offensive that they make me sick.  Our boys went fishing this weekend and when they came in they had lake water on them that smelled like fish.  I was so nauseated from the smell that I had to leave the room.  HEARING – I am sensitive to certain noises.  Normally it is something loud that seems to hurt my ears and I have to get away from it.  TASTE – As with the other senses I have a heightened sense of taste.  Food doesn’t seem to taste like it used to and some tastes I am not able to tolerate.  I also get an irritated tongue, irritated inside of my mouth, and irritated throat.  My tongue feels like it has little stickers all in it.  It is basically the same sensation that I feel on my skin, but it is in my mouth.  It seems so raw and irritated sometimes that it makes it kind of difficult to eat.  My rheumatologist gives me a prescription to help with this.  You swish with a small amount and it halfway numbs the inside of your mouth.  I think it is a medicine that they also use for patients with canker sores/mouth sores.  It helps relieve it a little while.  I try to overlook the heightened senses as much as possible and deal with them the best that I can.

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