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I’m BACK!!!

April 10, 2013

frog jumping

I haven’t been on in a while.  To make a long story short.  I have had a lot of fibro pain and fatigue to the point of having in bed days.  Our middle son, who is 21, got both hands burned at work when a torch exploded.  It was a large fireball that singed his hair, eyebrows, eyelashes, nose hairs, BUT God spared his face.  The only thing burned was his hands.  I have never been around anyone that had been burned and it was horrible.  Even with pain pills he was in so much pain.  We had to put creams on and wrap his hands multiple times each day.  The entire family pitched in to help feed him, doctor his hands, give him drinks, and even give him sponge baths out of the kitchen sink.  It totally broke my heart.  The good thing is we have one of the best burn hospitals within 30 minutes of our home and he had a wonderful doctor.  We took him for treatment weekly and he was burned so bad that he had to have a skin graft to one hand and it is doing wonderful.  He is back to work, pain-free, and they say he will have a complete recovery.  Praise God!  I am glad to be back with my friends and look forward to hearing from you and reading your posts.

On another note – our weather has been crazy lately with numerous storms, weather fronts, etc.  Yesterday it was 80 degrees and then last night it got down to 30 degrees.  Talk about crazy!  No wonder I have been hurting so much.  Yesterday I picked some asparagus, admired my flowers coming up, saw zillions of blooms on my strawberries, and noticed the peach tree was full of blooms.  Today my peach tree has ice on the limbs and it looks sad with it limbs under the stress of the rain that froze on it.  Last night we put trash bags around my patio banana, lemon, lime, and orange trees.  We put buckets, tubs, pails, anything we could find to cover as much as we could to try to save it from the cold air.  The ground is wet and it is supposed to be 28 degrees tonight and then after that I think it will go back to our normal April weather.  It is so weird to get a winter storm in April here in Oklahoma.

Blessings to you!

Fibromyalgia Pain

June 12, 2012

I have constant pain from fibromyalgia.  Life with constant pain causes many emotions, thoughts, and trials.  I have been in constant pain for over 10 years now.  I have thought before that I would give almost anything to have just one day without pain….. no, I would even take just one hour without pain….. I would even settle for just ONE MINUTE without pain.  Pain is a terrible thing to deal with every second of the day.  I try to do many things to help my pain and to try to take my mind off of the pain.  Some of these are writing a blog, connecting with distant relatives on facebook, water therapy, working in my flower bed, going on an occassional lunch date with a friend, etc.  I miss the person that I used to be.  The Ginger without pain.  I was without pain and didn’t have to think about pain.  I am a different person now.  Sometimes when you see me I may not look like I am hurting, but the pain is there eating away at me.  Just like others with chronic pain, I am pretty good at hiding it and putting a smile on my face, but the monster “PAIN” is still there.  Sometimes it is so great that I have to go to bed or I have to take a pain pill.  I don’t like taking pain pills.  I don’t want to get hooked on pain pills or get to the point that they no longer work for me.  When I take them they only take the edge off of the pain, but it makes it more bearable for me tolerate.  My pain now never gets below a 3 and goes to a 10.  How nice it would be to even get to 1 or 2 on the pain scale.  Hopefully there will be something to help me down the road.  (By the way when I talk about the pain scale – I had to revise mine a few years ago because my pain would go to a 15.  I no longer have pain less than an 8 on my old pain scale – which is now a 3 on my new pain scale.)  I hope and pray for relief from my new life – the one of  constant pain.  The thing I concentrate on is living my life to the fullest.

Do What Makes You Happy!

May 25, 2012

Life is so busy and can become complicated especially if you have a chronic illness.  I USED to want my house tidy and clean, but I have learned to take care of myself, DO WHAT MAKES ME HAPPY, and then do what I can in the house.  My husband helps as well.  I have plenty that I could do today in the house, but I woke up at 2:00 this morning in pain and couldn’t sleep after that.  At 5:00 when my husband woke up we went outside, sat in our comfortable lounge chairs, enjoyed some coffee, and talked until he had to get ready to go to work.  Then….. I did one of the things that I enjoy so much and is even relaxing.  I watered my flowers, shrubs, and veggies.  Yes, this is something that is enjoyable to me!  Other things I love to do that “make me happy” – just being with my husband and boys, weeding my flower and veggie beds, pool therapy, calling to check on  my Dad & Mom, talking with friends/family or going to lunch, talking with my mother-in-law, making a special dessert for my family, spending time with the Lord,  sending a card or emailing friends that are in another state, getting a massage, going for a manicure, getting a pedicure with a unique design, visiting my parents and family in my hometown, looking at family photos, staying connected with family/friends on Facebook, listening to country music, having a cook-out with all of the neighbors, getting a call from my brothers, and many other things.

My point is life is too short and we try to do too many things and by doing this we sometimes miss out on the important things in life.  Also with a chronic illness I never know from one minute to the next on when I will be too sick to take advantage of doing the things that make me happy.  I have found that sometimes when I am in great pain instead of going to bed or resting on the couch like my body seems to want to do I can go outside and spend time watering or weeding.  Because it is something that I love to do –  it sometimes helps me push through the worst of the pain.  This doesn’t always work but it is worth a try.

For the chronic pain sufferers  – I hope for you a low pain day with extra energy.  Remember, DO WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY!!

Skin Issues with Fibromyalgia

May 23, 2012

I wanted to share this since I just talked about it Monday.  The information below was posted by the Fibromyalgia Network.

Research on Fibromyalgia Skin Sensitivities
Does your skin burn or itch? Do you frequently get rashes that just won’t go away? According to Charles Lapp, M.D., who treats hundreds of people with fibromyalgia at his center in Charlotte, NC, “fibromyalgia-related rashes occur in the majority of patients that I see.” Lapp, along with another experienced physician, Daniel Wallace, M.D., of UCLA, agrees that skin sensitivities are common in fibro. So what is it about your skin and its related tissues that make them so sensitive? Studies during the past 20 years may help explain why your skin is such a nagging issue. •Xavier Caro, M.D., of Northridge, CA, performed most of the early research in this field to show that there was a high concentration of immune-reactive proteins in the area just beneath the surface of the skin. He theorized that these proteins had escaped through larger-than-normal pores in the blood vessels supplying the skin, and they could be a source of immunological reactions because the body would view them as “foreign” substances in the skin tissues (i.e., it is not normal for these proteins to pass through the blood vessels). •Although Caro’s findings point to an immunological disruption in the skin of patients with fibromyalgia, they are commonly seen in conditions where the microcirculation (the capillaries and small blood vessels) has undergone changes. Haiko Sprott, M.D., of Switzerland, reported that the number of capillaries in the skin of fibromyalgia patients were significantly reduced and irregular in shape. The amount of blood flow to the peripheral tissues (such as the skin) was substantially reduced as well. •A Swedish team found a fourfold increase in the number of mast cells in the skin of fibromyalgia patients. Mast cells, part of the immune system, are filled with many chemicals such as histamine and cytokines (both can cause painful irritation in the surrounding tissues when released from the mast cells). Neurological impulses can cause mast cells to dump their contents (degranulate), eliciting a neuro-immune response. The authors of this study point out that, perplexing, the mast cells are degranulated in areas where the skin looks “normal.” In other words, the surface of the skin does not convey the immunological, neurological, and blood flow abnormalities that are occurring in the tissues below!
Taken together, the above findings may help explain why you are often troubled with rashes that are difficult-to-treat. Even if the skin appears normal on the surface, there is a lot going on beneath the surface to fuel your skin irritations and itchy/burning sensations.

Sensitivity that can go along with Fibromyalgia

May 21, 2012

With fibromyalgia I have heightened senses that cause sensitivity to touch, sight, smell, hearing, & taste.

 TOUCH -Have you ever had someone touch you and it hurts?  It feels like there are little needles in your skin with the slightest touch.  It is kind of like what it feels to touch a cactus.  OUCH!  Clothes even hurt and I have to cut most tags out because they seem to be digging into my skin..  There are certain materials that I just can’t wear, and I can tell immediately if it will irritate my skin as soon as I try it on.  I buy the softest socks I can find and prefer the seamless toe style because even the seam in socks bother my feet.  A trick I found out from my mother-in-law is to turn socks inside out and they are softer and feel much better.  SIGHT -My eyes are more sensitive to light since I was diagnosed to fibromyalgia.  There are times that I just want they lights turned off or dimmed because of this symptom.  SMELL -My sense of smell is so much stronger than it should be.  I had a heightened sense of smell when I was pregnant with our boys, but with fibromyalgia it is off the charts.  I have to buy a lot of unscented products because the odors seems so strong and offensive that they make me sick.  Our boys went fishing this weekend and when they came in they had lake water on them that smelled like fish.  I was so nauseated from the smell that I had to leave the room.  HEARING – I am sensitive to certain noises.  Normally it is something loud that seems to hurt my ears and I have to get away from it.  TASTE – As with the other senses I have a heightened sense of taste.  Food doesn’t seem to taste like it used to and some tastes I am not able to tolerate.  I also get an irritated tongue, irritated inside of my mouth, and irritated throat.  My tongue feels like it has little stickers all in it.  It is basically the same sensation that I feel on my skin, but it is in my mouth.  It seems so raw and irritated sometimes that it makes it kind of difficult to eat.  My rheumatologist gives me a prescription to help with this.  You swish with a small amount and it halfway numbs the inside of your mouth.  I think it is a medicine that they also use for patients with canker sores/mouth sores.  It helps relieve it a little while.  I try to overlook the heightened senses as much as possible and deal with them the best that I can.

My Fibromyalgia Story

May 10, 2012

Welcome to my new blog.  This is my story.

I have Severe Fibromyalgia which causes me constant pain and fatigue among many other symptoms.  I have had Fibromyalgia for many years but just didn’t know what it was.  At first it started with aches and pain that others didn’t seem to have at my age of around 30 years old.  By 40 the fatigue and pain increased and since a doctor brushed it off a few years prior with “You work full-time and have a husband and 3 children – you should be tired and have pain”, I thought that since I had turned the BIG 4-0 that MAYBE this was to be expected.  Then it quickly became apparent that this was more than turning 40 so I started with my doctor.  It wasn’t long that I made an appointment with an internal medicine doctor that sent me on to a Rheumatologist.  The Rheumatologist diagnosed me with SEVERE Fibromyalgia since my pain and fatigue was so great.  Over the next two years I tried numerous medications with little to no help with the fatigue and pain.  I had a career in financial institutions and had worked with my current employer for almost 20 years.  I had worked my way up to management and enjoyed my career.  By age 44 my fibromyalgia had become so severe that I was using a sleeping bag and pillow at work to rest in the morning before work, at lunch, and during the day as needed.  I had an office that I could close my door and blinds and my boss and employees were understanding and knew that I was very ill.  I could no longer drive myself to work or do anything at home.  My husband and boys took over all housework and all I could do was get up, take a shower, sleep/rest as my husband drove me to work, use my sleeping bag and pillow as needed during the day, sleep/rest as my husband drove me home, and crawl into bed for the night.  When I was 45 my Rheumatologist told me I could no longer work and gave me the dreaded note of “Ginger will no longer be able to work even for the forseeable future”.  I spent 2 years in bed only getting up to go to the bathroom and take a shower.  My husband or children would bring my meals to my bed because I was so weak and it was difficult for me to stay up long.  I was nauseated most of the time so I mostly ate hot cereal (The only thing besides bread and cheese that I normally ate). I have continued to see my Rheumatologist every 3 months or as needed.  I also have developed osteoarthritis that makes my joints painful in addition to the pain of fibromyalgia.  I have tried numerous medications and currently taking Lyrica that seems to give me a little relief along with other medications.  I am now able to do light housework, get out of the house a little, and spend time with my family.  I have learned that I have to conserve my energy and my main “job” is taking care of my health.  Daily life with fibromyalgia is very difficult but livable.  I hope you enjoy my blog.

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