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Fibro Fog (the brain stealing part of Fibromyalgia)

May 18, 2012

Fibro Fog is the symptom that I dislike the most that goes along with Fibromyalgia.  It takes a perfectly good brain and turns it into one that can’t seem to get the right connections to make it work properly.  I have fibro fog every minute of every day, but it has degrees.  Sometimes my brain will be affected very little and sometimes it is greatly affected.  For those of you without fibro – think of it as when you are driving your vehicle and it is a foggy morning.  Sometimes the fog in front of you is so dense that you can barely see the rode much less the car in front of you and you certainly can’t see anything on the side of the road.  Then sometimes there is a light fog and you can almost see fine but it clouds a little of your view.  This is how fibro fog is to us except it is inside our brain.  On a scale of 1 to 10 it can be anywhere on the scale and can change within a minute.  This makes us forget where we put things, forget important things that we were going to tell you, forget what we were doing, forget your name, and even forget what we were saying in the middle of a sentence.  We also can be in the middle of talking and just stop because we can’t think of the word we are trying to say.  When this happens to me it is like the wheels are turning in my brain but it just can’t make the connection to give me the right word.  This is VERY frustrating and sometimes embarrasing.  For example:  I could be talking about wanting to go get a pizza for dinner.  I am able to say “Why don’t we go get a …..” and I just stop and can’t think of the word, the thing that I was thinking about that I wanted to get for dinner.  Sometimes my family will try to guess the word, and then sometimes I describe the word.  So I would say “It is round, they put sauce and whatever stuff you want, and then put cheese on top”.  So my family can tell me the word that my brain can’t give me.  My family is used to this and when it happens I don’t get embarrased with them, but sometimes I still get frustrated.  Instead of getting frustrated I try to laugh it off with them, because it keeps me from getting frustrated.  When I am out in the world and this happens I normally say “fibro fog” “Sorry, I have Fibromyalgia”.  Most people know of this, but it is still embarrasing to me and very frustrating.  What do you do when this happens to you?

Once when I had a dentist appointment that is only 15 minutes away and in town I had one of my worst times with fibro fog.  We had used this dentist for years and I had been going and even taking my children to their appointments.  On this day it was an appointment for me for a 6 month teeth cleaning.  I started to the dentist and when I stopped my car I was parked in a parking lot for a local university.  I was sitting there wondering what I was doing there and where was it that I was going?  In a minute or two I remembered that I was on my way to the dentist and he was still 5 minutes away.  I called my husband at work and freaked out concerning what had just happened.  He wanted to come and get me but I said that I was now ok and I could make it on my own since the office was only 5 minutes away.  That incident was very scary.  When I am foggy and feel that I shouldn’t get out, I just call and cancel my appointments or call for my husband or mother-in-law to come and take me.  For a while when I would get out I would write down where I was going and what streets to take to get there.  Now, I am ok with jotting down the name of the business or the errand that I want to do and just thinking in my head what streets that I will take to get there.  When I am in more pain my fibro fog increases.  Does yours?

My husband and I are best friends and tell each other everything.  Well… now since I have fibro fog I forget to tell him things ….. even important things.  Sometimes I just totally forget about it for days or weeks and sometimes I ask him if I have told him something.  I am FOREVER saying to him and other family members “Have I already told you ……….”  It is something that has popped in my mind and I can’t remember if I have told them or not.  I have also lost so many memories of my life from childhood and on.  Sometimes I am talking with my parents and brothers when they will bring up something that happened while I was at home and I at least half of it I don’t remember at all.  This is true concerning my 32 years of marriage with my husband.  There are many, many things that I just don’t remember at all.  This is something that really bothers me, because family and memories are so precious and important to me.  Does fibro fog affect you in this way?

What I try to do to help me with fibro fog is make a list of things that I want to try to do that day.  This could be things in the house that I would like to do and/or things I need to do by running an errand.  I like to make a list and mark it off as I accomplish the task.  If I don’t get them all done then there is always tomorrow.  My list could be: take morning medicine, do laundry, load dishwasher, call #### for their birthday, go to grocery store to pick up bread & milk, take evening medicine.  There are things on the list that I HAVE to do and things on the list that have lower priority and could wait until tomorrow if my energy runs out or my pain becomes too great.

I would love to hear your stories about fibro fog or what your thoughts are on fibro fog .

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