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Blog of the Year Award

January 24, 2013

2012 Blog Of The Year Award

Posted on January 23, 2013 by Daily Life With Fibromyalgia

I’ve been nominated for the Blog of the Year Award by The Girl in the Yoga Pants.

2012 Blog Of The Year Award

My nominations for this award go to:

The ‘rules’ for this award are simple:

1   Select the blog(s) you think deserve the ‘Blog of the Year 2012’ Award

2   Write a blog post and tell us about the blog(s) you have chosen – there’s no minimum or maximum number of blogs required – and ‘present’ them with their award.

3   Please include a link back to this page ‘Blog of the Year 2012’ Award   and include these ‘rules’ in your post (please don’t alter the rules or the badges!)

4   Let the blog(s) you have chosen know that you have given them this award and share the ‘rules’ with them

5   You can now also join our Facebook group – click ‘like’ on this page ‘Blog of the Year 2012’ Award Facebook group and then you can share your blog with an even wider audience

6   As a winner of the award – please add a link back to the blog that presented you with the award – and then proudly display the award on your blog and sidebar … and start collecting stars…

2012 Blog Of The Year Award

Yes – that’s right – there are stars to collect!

Unlike other awards which you can only add to your blog once – this award is different!

When you begin you will receive the ‘1 star’ award – and every time you are given the award by another blog – you can add another star!

There are a total of 6 stars to collect.

Which means that you can check out your favourite blogs – and even if they have already been given the award by someone else – you can still bestow it on them again and help them to reach the maximum 6 stars!

‘Blog of the Year 2012’ Award Badges

Here are the six badges for you to collect – you can either ‘swop’ your badge for the next one each time you are given the award – or even proudly display all six badges if you are lucky enough to be presented with the award six times!

2012 Blog Of The Year Award


2012 Blog Of The Year Award


2012 Blog Of The Year Award


2012 Blog Of The Year Award


2012 Blog Of The Year Award


2012 Blog Of The Year Award


Need to know more? Check out our FAQ page

And Congratulations! on being chosen for the ‘Blog of the Year 2012’ Award


‘Blog of the Year 2012’ Award – thumbnails

Here are the 6 awards in thumbnail size for your sidebar – feel free to Right Click and save any of the images on this page:

2012 Blog Of The Year Award


2012 Blog Of The Year Award


2012 Blog Of The Year Award


2012 Blog Of The Year Award


2012 Blog Of The Year Award


2012 Blog Of The Year Award



Sunshine Award!!

August 10, 2012

I received another award!!  Thanks to Cate of the blog for sending a little bit of extra sunshine my way a little while ago.  I haven’t felt well lately so I am a little behind in sending thanks and posting my award.  Thanks again Cate for nominating me for the Sunshine Award.  You brightened my day!  Blessings!

Here are the rules:

1.  If you are nominated, you must blog a post linking back to the person/blog that nominated you.

2. You must answer some questions, nominate ten fellow bloggers and link their blogs to the post!

3. You should comment on your nominees’ blogs to let them know you’ve nominated them.


So, here are the questions:

1. Who is your favorite philosopher? 

Sorry, but I don’t have one.

2. What is your favorite number?

I don’t really have one but if I had to pick I would say 3 since I have 3 wonderful boys..

3.   What is your favorite animal? 

That would have to be a dog.  My husband and I have had dogs almost our entire marriage.  Today we have 3 dogs.  They are inside dogs and are a part of our family.  They are all rescued dogs.  We have had Watson for almost 10 years.  He is a mixed breed and is about 65 pounds.  Emily is 12 and a beautiful Cocker Spaniel.  We have had her for about 8 years.  We have had Sam for 6 years and he is a spunky little Schnoodle (Schnauzer/Poodle mix – but looks like a Schnauzer).

4.    What are your Facebook and Twitter URLs? 

Facebook: AND!/groups/333111176759048/ is a group that I have that kind of mirrors this blog.

5. What is your favorite time of the day? 

Morning time is my favorite since I feel better in the morning than anytime of the day.

6. What was your favorite vacation? 

The trip we took driving across the US going to the Oregon/Washington area.  We saw some really beautiful country!

7. What is your favorite physical activity? 

Well….. since I have fibromyalgia I have started doing Water Therapy that seems to help with my pain.

8. What is your favorite non-alcoholic drink?


9. What is your favorite flower?

I have ALWAYS loved carnations.

10. What is your passion? 

My family has always been my passion.


My ’10′ Blogger Nominees











Congratulations and enjoy the little bit of extra Sunshine sent your way today!

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