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November 7, 2012


November 7, 2012


November 7, 2012

My First Time in the Back of a Police Car

September 17, 2012

This morning I rode for the first time in the back of a police car.  NO…… I didn’t have handcuffs on.  We had a hit and run on one of our sons vehicles sometime during the night.  The mirror was tore off, it was scraped down the side, and it had some other damage.   My husband called the police and he and my son dealt with the police officer and went on to work.  The person that side swiped my son’s vehicle left a piece of trim at the scene of the accident that I collected and decided to keep.  We thought we saw a vehicle without trim down the street so the police went to investigate.  The police officer came back and wanted someone to go look at the vehicle as well.  It was still early and everyone else was already gone to work so they asked me to go with them.  I was still in my pajamas (t-shirt & silky, polka dot pants) but I decided to just go on since half the people out shopping wear pajama pants and t-shirts.  I was told to be able to get a good look that I would need to sit on the driver’s side, so at first I thought I was going to get to drive the police car!!  Not really….. anyway, so as the officer is putting me in the back of the police car and shutting the door I said that my neighbors would sure get a BIG laugh if they were looking out and saw me being put in the back of a police car in my pajamas!!!   That particular vehicle was not missing the piece of trim so the officer took a report and that was it.  After we came back in the house I looked closely at the piece of trim that was off of  the car and it had a number, so due to my MANY years of watching crime shows….. I looked it up on the computer and it came back to a specific car.  So……… if you see a Lincoln Towncar between the years of 98 and 02 with a piece of trim missing over one of the wheels – let me know.  I need to complete the investigation and close this case.

Killing Snakes with a Steak Knife while doing the Splits

September 6, 2012

You may see me in the next Olympics.  Today while watering ours and the neighbors curb (since the city recently did some work and just put down sod)…. I stepped one foot by their mailbox to smash down the sod and had one foot in the street.  The spot that I stepped in the street had a little mud and I suddenly did the splits.  Not all the way down like I did last year in my kitchen, since I quickly grabbed the mailbox.  You know I didn’t want the neighbors to be jealous of me being able to do the splits.  🙂
After that I moved the tree ring from around one of our little trees so I could cut a few weeds…… there were two S-N-A-K-E-S staring up at me with their beady little eyes.  I was using a steak knife to cut the weeds like a friend showed me since it is a lot easier, so I cut their heads off and put them in the trash. I have ALWAYS been terrified of any snake so I have no idea why I used the knife instead of getting a hoe.  To me snakes are ALL poisonous!!  You know one of those “CopperHeadedWaterRattlers”.  :0)  I think the steroid shot that I got the previous day must have given me a little too much energy – maybe even a super power.  🙂
I was thinking today that I may combine 2 of my talents and they could have a new event in the Olympics  …… “Killing Snakes with a Steak Knife while doing the Splits”.  What do you think?

Fibro Fog we are SICK AND TIRED OF YOU!!

July 27, 2012

I love this!! 

This was posted on facebook today by Fibromyalgia Network!/FibroNetwork

108 Degrees!!

July 21, 2012

Yes it is HOT again today in Oklahoma.  Yesterday it got up to 108 degrees with humidity so thick you could feel it almost melting your skin.  We have 2 sons in college and one is doing his internship working for a refrigeration company.  He works  on top of businesses a lot out in the heat.  They drink tons of water, gaterade, etc during the day and come home just TOTALLY zapped after.  Can you believe 108 degrees yesterday!  Almost more than a body can stand.  Come on cooler temperatures.

The FATIGUE Monster has Attacked

July 20, 2012

Fatigue Monster

I went to bed early and was woken by my Mother-in-law calling or I don’t think I would be up now.  I am so fatigued I will be lying around and sleeping all day.  I slept 12 hours last night!  My record is:  I slept 23 hours one day about a year ago.  It was really weird to wake up and realize that I had missed a whole day.

Today I am walking around like a zombie from one of those zombie movies that I see advertised but never watch.  So just wanted you to know that the FATIGUE MONSTER got me last night and is determined to keep hold of me so far.  I may just punch him in the nose!!  🙂

Oklahoma Heat

July 19, 2012

I am SO tired of this Oklahoma heat!!  I am ready to be able to walk outside and enjoy the beauty of the outdoors without turning into a lump of sweat.  This 100 degree heat with humidity is almost too much to bear.  When I get outside it feels like I can barely breathe because of the humidity and it just zaps my energy (what little of it that I have).  Fall weather  – please hurry up!  🙂

Fibro this Week

July 6, 2012

God granted me a pretty good week while visiting with my family in my home town. Praise the Lord! I have still been in constant pain but the pain has mostly been low except in the evening. Then I am in terrible pain, but soon it is time for my sleeping medicine so I don’t have to suffer too many hours. I have also been having the sciatic nerve pain in my left leg. It went away after I had the Lumbar Epidural Injections. It has been a few weeks since I took the last injection and it helped my lower back pain and took away my sciatic nerve pain. This pain is back and my back pain gets bad at times, but it is nothing like the pain I was experiencing. Pain sufferers – I wish for you a low pain day with EXTRA energy!

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