Where Did my Sleep Go?



I have only been sleeping 3 to 4 hours a night for the last week and not sure why.  Could it be that the lumbar epidural injection from the 7th of this month is causing it, could it be that my sleeping pill has quit working, or WHAT???  Even before getting sick with Severe Fibromyalgia my body required 8+ hours of sleep.  Since getting Fibro I need 9 to 12 hours of sleep each night.  Normally the steroid from the epidural injections will make me more energetic a few days and I might not sleep well a night or two soon after, but nothing like this.  I feel like a walking zombie.  I can’t even take a nap during the day right now.  Could it be that my sleeping pill (Ambien CR) has quit working, is it the steroids from the epidural injections, or WHAT??  Whatever it is I am so ready to get back to “normal” and get some precious rest.  What are your thoughts?

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6 Comments on “Where Did my Sleep Go?”

  1. shekinah419 Says:

    It is the prednisone! Prednisone is like any steroid, it’s an “upper”. It will get better but you should definitely report it to your doctor. He may need to change something in the administration or dose or brand.

  2. Monique"s FM/CFS Blog Says:

    I also do not sleep. My support person sent me an email with a sleep study that was done in California attached. In the study they tested those with both Fibromyalgia and Insomnia. The study found that those with Fibromyalgia had worst sleep habits then those that had Insomnia. The one difference was that those with Fibromyalgia when able to fall asleep, slept longer then those with Insomnia. I have been trying for months to find ways to go to sleep before my alarm clock goes off in the morning and found that really nothing works long term. I found that every few weeks I have to try something new. Although, my doctor has told me that it tends to run its course. Here’s hoping…

  3. Monique"s FM/CFS Blog Says:

    I meant to add that if by chance the medication that you are taking for your Fibromyalgia has an Anti-depressant in it; it can also interfere with your sleep, and make sleeping impossible.

  4. BEEN thinking of you, are you at a pain care clinic now? i see your getting injections:) we are on the same page, mine have been helping, how is your overall pain levels? have they calmed down some? ask about gambees, not spelled right, they are injections for your headaches, they have helped me so much:) fibro fog is less too:). your always in my thoughts and prayers. are you on FB by any chance? if so look me up there Denyse Duval:) FEEL BETTER!

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