God Thing

I had a “God Thing” happen in the ICU waiting room of Sparks Hospital.  There was a hispanic family that had a family member there so they were eating and sleeping in the waiting room.  Joe and I went back separately to tell my parents goodbye so I was in the ICU waiting room by myself until this 19-year-old hispanic girl came in.  We starting talking and realized that we both had our Dad in ICU.  She asked about my Dad, so I told her he was doing good and would be going home the next day.  When I asked about her Dad she teared up and said that he was really bad and they didn’t know what would happen.  I told her that “God is in control of everything so he is in control of your Dad’s healing”.  She said they had been there for 3 weeks already and her Dad, Cleo, was not doing well.  I asked if I could pray with her – she agreed and put out her hands out to me.  I took her hands and  prayed for her Dad, Cleo, for healing, for her to have faith and strength, and to be with the family and give them strength.  Afterward she thanked me and went back to sit down while I was standing – waiting for Joe to come back out of ICU.  God instantly told me “GIVE HER $30!”.  If you have every been every told something by God you know the feeling – you have to do it.  I thought  – this is going to be a little uncomfortable, but God told me to do it.  I opened my purse and I reached in to get $30 but picked up $40 and thought that I would go ahead and give this to her.  God told me again “Give her $30.  So I took the money over to her, I folded it up and put it in her hand.  I told her that I wanted to give her money to help with buying food while they were there.  She said “No, but.. but…. but…”I told her that God told me to help them and I would continue to pray for her Dad Cleo.

So, Friends and Family, Please put Cleo on your prayer list.  He is around my age, 51, and he has a wife and 3 daughters in their early 20s that need their Dad.  Like I told her “God can work miracles.”

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5 Comments on “God Thing”

  1. beverley Says:

    i had a similar experience. I was taken some money out of a atm machine and watching a guy, none too clean or tidy, trying frantically to get some money out of the machine next too mine. I had already watched try the machine i was at a few moments earlier. God said he needs some money and so i drew out an extra £10 and handed it too him, in front of two queues of people. He said ‘what?’ i replied ‘do you need it?’ and he said ‘yes, yes, yes’ I told him to pay it forward and i will never know if he did or will and it doesn’t matter. He had with him a tattered suitcase and he obviously needed to get somewhere, i just hope he did.

  2. Anna Popescu Says:

    I have been on the receiving end of God’s voice like that and once you “get” that it’s His Nudge, there is an incredible feeling of awe and joy afterwards. God will surely bless you for your obedience to Cleo and his family and I will be praying for them too.

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