God Does Work Miracles

MiraclesMy Dad, Ed McClain, had abdominal aeorta anurysm surgery on Tuesday and everything went well.  He got to go home yesterday.  He did run a high fever for a while but then it broke so he is still doing good .  Praise God!  Thanks for all you prayers.

Uncle Bill (my Dad’s Brother) was getting ready to ride up to the hospital with Aunt Chris (my Dad’s and his sister) to be there while my Dad had surgery.  He had a stroke so Aunt Chris took him to the nearest hospital.  We didn’t know for a while the extent of it or what had happened.  The family was going back and forth from Sparks Hospital to Poteau Hospital making sure they were each ok.  The next day Uncle Bill got feeling back in his leg and a little in his arm.  The doctor told him that they were put him in a Rehad Hospital for two weeks so see how much movement they could get back in his arm and hand.  God does work miracles!  By the next day Uncle Bill had most/if not all of the use of his arms, hands, & legs.  He didn’t have to go to rehab  – so the doctor sent him home yesterday as well.  God answered many prayers during this weekend for our family.

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One Comment on “God Does Work Miracles”

  1. That is wonderful news PTL!

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