Life Goes On

My husband and I went out to eat last night with friends.  We need to try to do that more often.  It was a blessing and really nice visiting and laughing.  I am also thankful that I had a good morning with low pain.  I was able to be out and about town feeling “normal” for a change.  I have been having a bad time with my fibromyalgia this year and have had more back pain issues as well.  I have had back pain for many years and it is causing me more troublesome symptoms.  I am to the point of needing to think about surgery to see if I can get some relief.  I have Degenerative Disc Disease, Bulging Disc, Bony Spurring, Spinal Stenosis, and Compression of the Sciatica Nerve.  For about a year I have had increasing pain from the pinching of the sciatic nerve.  The pain starts in my lower back, runs down both legs, and into my ankles and feet.  To me it is an intense burning pain that sometimes feels like it is on fire.  For the last few months I have also had numbness and tingling mostly in my right leg and foot.  I continue to do Water Therapy that gives me some relief while I am in the water.  It would be so nice if I had an indoor pool at my house that I could get in and out of all day long. Oh, and while I am dreaming it would also be nice to have a hot tub.  I might turn into a mermaid!  :0)  I am thankful for blessings that God gives me each day.  I pray for pain relief and extra energy for me and my Fibro Friends.

So what’s going on with you?  Do you have fibromyalgia, back issues or sciatic nerve issues?  If so, how do they affect you?

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6 Comments on “Life Goes On”

  1. Anna Popescu Says:

    Ginger, I also have FMS plus CFIDS and daily migraines. I don’t have your kind of back pain but if I do certain tasks without thinking through them, my lower back screams in pain that takes several days to leave me. All of these are part of my new normal.

    My hubby and I rarely go out these days, but if we do it has to be in the middle of the day because mornings and evenings are full of pain for me. But we make it work somehow!

    Thank you for sharing yourself with us.


  2. beverley Says:

    I was diagnosed with FMS in Feb after strange ongoing seemingly unrelated problems. I have given up going out unless i have to and as for Christmas shopping if i can’t order it online no one is getting it. As for pain, i have it everywhere but this week i was diagnosed with RSI of the elbow also known as ‘tennis elbow’ with no unknown cause, with it being my left and i am right handed.

    • Ginger Ray Says:

      So sorry that you are sick as well. I know all too well about shopping online for Christmas and other times. I spent 2 years in bed due to severe fibromyalgia and I fight to have the best quality of life possible. If you can have your doctor send you for water therapy. After being at home almost all the time for 5 years, I was sent for water therapy and IT IS WONDERFUL!! I went through one on one therapy with a therapist for 6 weeks and then allowed to continue on my own. This is owned by a local hospital. I am able to go anytime I want Monday – Friday and walk/exercise. Being in the water is the only time that I have some pain relief so I go 5 days a week for an hour then sit in the hot tub for a few minutes as well. Over the years I have found that you have to try to find a balance of resting and activity. As for your tennis elbow, I have more things wrong with me since I have Severe Fibro than any other time in my life. I am in constant pain and haven’t had a minute without pain since around 2005. This is a difficult life to say the least, but always remember that WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER. Anytime you need to talk just get on my blog or email me at Hang in there and we can help each other down this road. Blessings!

  3. Trisha Says:

    Back pain is so miserable…not that other pain isn’t but back pain is so hard to relieve and is so draining. I have something going on with my back but, so far, doctors aren’t interested in finding out what it is if they can just throw a pill at me. I see a new doctor on Monday and I’m scared! How many different kinds of tests did you have to go through to get diagnosed with the myriad of back problems you have?

    • Ginger Ray Says:

      So sorry to just be getting back with you but my Dad had surgery so I had to be out of state for a while. Were you able to find something out about your back issue? The only test I had to have was a MRI. It showed everything. If they didn’t do one ask if they can do one. I think sometimes doctors want you to see them multiple times over a period of months before they send you for something like a MRI. Let me know how it works out for you. Hugs!

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