Frequent Nausea??

I am having a “fatigue monster” kind of day.  It is noon and I am just able to crawl out of bed.  My body started hurting so much that I had to get up for a while.  I am also sick to my stomach so I am making rice to eat for lunch.  My son, Tyler, brought me breakfast in bed this morning so I could take my medicine (Carnation Instant Breakfast was all I could get down) .  I have nausea frequently does anyone else have this problem?

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16 Comments on “Frequent Nausea??”

  1. Hat Says:

    right now I am dealing with Vertigo… posibly from Humira (i take that for Ankylosing Spondylitis) and a sinus infection… So nausea is recently a problem. I had IBS too so lots of stomach problems. have you tried SCD? it might help. its counter intuitive (no starch, no rice) but it was amazing how it helped.

  2. Amy Says:

    Nausea had been a frequent problem for me for the past 5 years or so, although it became an extreme ‘forefront’ issue in 2011. After lots of negative tests, we finally figured out I had developed a sudden intolerance to something I was taking for PCOS, Metformin. The brand name drug, Actos, worked fine, but even small doses of Metformin would make me constantly nauseous.

    Of course, that was just how the whole thing turned out for me. But maybe you could try googling your medicines and see if there’s been any recent manufacturing changes? Or ask your doctor about switching a suspect one out? That might make a big difference. Good luck with it, whatever it turns out to be.

  3. Trisha Says:

    Sorry you are feeling so awful. I’m having a fatigue monster kind of day too. They’re not a lot of fun. 😦 When it comes to nausea I’m kind of weird because I get nausea if my stomach is too empty. So eating nausea away is the strategy that works for me. Kinda backwards, I know. Consuming ginger or peppermint in one form or another helps with nausea. I like to drink either in a tea because sniffing the tea helps too. I hope you get some relief.

  4. wenchciara Says:

    One thing to consider is where you live. Are you by any chance living under the huge low pressure system that was a hurricane? Low pressure frequently causes flare ups, pain, nausea and/or migraines for those of us who are the Chosen.

    • Ginger Ray Says:

      I live where we have so many weather fronts that I have many flare ups. In Oklahoma we have tornados, high winds, sleet, snow, blizzards, earthquakes, heat waves, etc.

      • wenchciara Says:

        I’m in the Great Lakes region, I know what you mean by multiple fronts. The last few weeks have been tough on everyone because that was one huge weather system that took out New York and New Jersey.

        I hope you are feeling better today.

      • Ginger Ray Says:

        Thanks for your comments. Blessings to you! 🙂

  5. katm Says:

    Yes Yes Yes a million times Yes. And it sucks. And no drugs really help it either. Mine gets worse as the pain gets worse.


    Is there one body system that this crap doesn’t affect?

    • Ginger Ray Says:

      Sorry to say that I think it affects EVERYTHING. Just remember the story of the “Little Engine that Could”. I think I can, I think I can, I think I can “make it through the day”. Blessings to you!

      • katm Says:

        Thanks. I helps that others are out there sharing their experiences. My nausea has been going on for over a year and this summer progressed to vomiting. Not fun at work. *sigh*

      • Ginger Ray Says:

        So sorry that you have nausea as well. It is very difficult when you are working. I had to quit my job in 2007 due to severe Fibromyalgia symptoms. I hope you get better.

  6. Monique"s FM/CFS Blog Says:

    Story of my life… Since my daily nausea started, I have lost more then half of my daily diet… To find anything to eat that doesn’t cause nausea has been one of the hardest things…

    • Ginger Ray Says:

      So sorry Monique. I have frequent nausea so I know what you mean. When I was at my sickest I ate cream of wheat 3 times a day. It seemed to be the only thing that I could hold down. I ate it for 2 years straight.

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