My Blessing Today

Blessings come in all shapes and sizes.  I have been going through a rough time with my Fibromyalgia and hip pain lately.  I was sick all weekend and I am even sicker today.  In addition to the Fibro, I am sick to my stomach, dizzy, hot/cold, restless legs, raynauds is flaring up, you name it.  BUT our boys went to visit my parents this last weekend and they brought back some goodies that I just opened.  What a blessing!  Home canned green beans, pickles, peppers, tomatoes, salsa, relish, pickled okra, etc.  I will enjoy all of that later.  I also had a package that was full of salt and pepper shakers.  I mentioned to my Mom that I started collecting them so her and Dad sent a bunch and also my sweet Aunt sent me some as well.  My blessings in life outweigh my trials and I thank God for that.

What are your blessings today??

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5 Comments on “My Blessing Today”

  1. mrscrawford711 Says:

    Love this! I, too have been having a rough time w/my fibro and other health issues lately. My husband brought me Sunflowers the other day. They are my favorite and it made my whole week! He has no idea how much I needed some sunshine. Such a blessing!

  2. Journaling Pain Says:

    My blessings today are my loving husband and my soft, sweet kitty, Juju. God bless!

  3. What a wonderful outlook! The goodies you received sound delectable, and your family must be such a joy in your life. Thanks for sharing this. 🙂

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