Steroid Shots for Pain

I had steroid shots placed in the bursa area of my hip on Thursday to see if it would help with my hip pain.  I had developed pain with walking and it felt like it was bone on bone.  X-rays showed that my hip was ok.  The specialist put multiple steroid injections around the area of pain.  I could tell by the next day that it was helping, which was wonderful!!!  The drawbacks or side-effects of the shots were:  I was so wide awake that I only slept a total of 3 hours for 2 nights straight, my Fibro fog increased, the site was fairly swollen, bruised and painful, and it caused my Fibro to flare this weekend.  The GOOD news again is that it reduced the pain in my hip area so I no longer have the terrible pain when walking.  It is sad that so many things start flares in people with Fibromyalgia (meaning that their Fibro symptoms get worse).  Even treatment like steroid shots to help with hip pain start flares that make your Fibro worse.  I am thankful for any help I can get to reduce pain or increase energy, even at the cost of going through a Fibro Flare.  I don’t always…… but I want to try to look at the positives in my life.  May you be pain-free and have extra energy!

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6 Comments on “Steroid Shots for Pain”

  1. NZ Cate Says:

    I can’t ‘like’ this but I would love it if you were pain-free and had energy for a bit. Here’s hoping… 🙂

  2. Journaling Pain Says:

    I had shots in my hip bursa (both sides) yesterday (Monday, Oct 1). The shots hurt really bad and I could barely move afterward. Its been about 14 hours now and I am still in pain from the shots, I hurt really bad in my glutes near the bottom and when I walk I get burning pain going down the sides of my legs. Is this normal at first? I had to call out of work today because of the pain.

    • Ginger Ray Says:

      I don’t know if the glutes thing is “normal”, but I just know that I was in a lot of pain and wouldn’t have been able to work either. I hope your shots work for you. The burning pain down the sides of my legs is my sciatic nerve pain that I have off and on all the time. Have you had the burning pain before this down your legs? If it doesn’t go away be sure and call your doctor.

      • Journaling Pain Says:

        Actually the pain went away. I’ve had a couple of totally pain free days. The cortisone is coursing through my body and giving me all kinds of relief! Today was the first day in the last three that I’ve started feeling any discomfort and that is the burning pain in my shins I get after a day at work. It’s like it was in the beginning before I was diagnosed with FM. Guess I’ll just enjoy whatever relief I have for as long as I have it.

  3. katm Says:

    I’m glad to hear the shots are working. Sorry about the flare. That sucks 😦

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