Killing Snakes with a Steak Knife while doing the Splits

You may see me in the next Olympics.  Today while watering ours and the neighbors curb (since the city recently did some work and just put down sod)…. I stepped one foot by their mailbox to smash down the sod and had one foot in the street.  The spot that I stepped in the street had a little mud and I suddenly did the splits.  Not all the way down like I did last year in my kitchen, since I quickly grabbed the mailbox.  You know I didn’t want the neighbors to be jealous of me being able to do the splits.  🙂
After that I moved the tree ring from around one of our little trees so I could cut a few weeds…… there were two S-N-A-K-E-S staring up at me with their beady little eyes.  I was using a steak knife to cut the weeds like a friend showed me since it is a lot easier, so I cut their heads off and put them in the trash. I have ALWAYS been terrified of any snake so I have no idea why I used the knife instead of getting a hoe.  To me snakes are ALL poisonous!!  You know one of those “CopperHeadedWaterRattlers”.  :0)  I think the steroid shot that I got the previous day must have given me a little too much energy – maybe even a super power.  🙂
I was thinking today that I may combine 2 of my talents and they could have a new event in the Olympics  …… “Killing Snakes with a Steak Knife while doing the Splits”.  What do you think?
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6 Comments on “Killing Snakes with a Steak Knife while doing the Splits”

  1. SandySays1 Says:

    Hmmmm, we live where there are quite a few poisonous snakes. You might want to reconsider cutting off their heads with a knife – steak or otherwise – a bite isn’t a minor thing. One of my friends lost a paw when a 14″ pygmy rattler bit her.

  2. Anna Popescu Says:

    Ginger, I’m in awe of your steak knife snake carving ability! I would have screamed and run for my hubby… NOT a big fan of snakes, or anything creepy crawly for that matter.

    Blessings & thanks for the follow!

  3. Trisha Says:

    Wow! Cutting of their heads with such a short weapon was very courageous. I’m not super afraid of snakes (spiders are my phobia) but I still would have let out a super girly scream and gone running across the yard. I’m also amazed that you could still walk after doing the splits! I would still be hobbling after that.

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