jUmPiNg FoR jOy!!

I am jUmPiNg FoR jOy!!  God gave me a good day today!  I have enjoyed it SO much.  For the last week or so I have been having so much fatigue that put me in bed or on the couch.  Today I woke up with a little extra energy so I went out really early and enjoyed working in my yard.  It is like playing to me.  So much fun!

Fellow fibro friends, I wish for you low pain days with extra energy!!  Blessings ♥

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6 Comments on “jUmPiNg FoR jOy!!”

  1. Ginger,
    Woohoo! Happy for you today. I have decided my new mantra is, “I have enough energy to make healthy choices today.” Oh, and Tag, you’re it! http://humaninrecovery.wordpress.com/2012/07/23/games-bloggers-play/

  2. Roger Johnson Says:

    It is rare for me to have strong pain anymore, even though I have had FMS for 35 years, debilitating at times.
    My doc put me on morphine—pain is under control
    Would you all explain why you would not get rid of your pain this way?:~Roger

    • Ginger Ray Says:

      Well….. all my docs, including my rheumatologist, don’t like to give much pain medication. I am given vicodin to help when the pain is at a 9 or a 10 on a pain scale of 1 to 10. I get like 30 for 3 months! He says that if I take more pain medication that I will get used to it and need more and more and then it will begin not to work. Tell me about yours? Do you take it all the time? No problem getting the medication?

  3. compstructor Says:

    Firstly, Ginger, thank you for taking the time to look over my life journey, my M.E and Fibro.

    I send everyone who has any of these illnesses, love, peace of mind and body, release, comfort and bright blessings.

    Kevin B.

  4. NZ Cate Says:

    I love that so much. I know I am a little slow (thanks fibro!) for getting to this but I do hope the playing has lasted. Great news!

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