Oklahoma Heat

I am SO tired of this Oklahoma heat!!  I am ready to be able to walk outside and enjoy the beauty of the outdoors without turning into a lump of sweat.  This 100 degree heat with humidity is almost too much to bear.  When I get outside it feels like I can barely breathe because of the humidity and it just zaps my energy (what little of it that I have).  Fall weather  – please hurry up!  🙂

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6 Comments on “Oklahoma Heat”

  1. staciegh Says:

    I know what you mean, I live in New Orleans. We you walk outside it’s like your face melts. Except today we are getting our typical thunderstorms, it’s Hurricane season!!
    We don’t have Autumn. it’s either hot or cold! No in between. I wish we did……

  2. wytewing Says:

    If you could post some of your heat down under we would appreciate it at the moment. Winter is playing havoc with my fibro and arthritis and all I want is a few warm days, lol.

    Bring on summer.

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