Do What Makes You Happy!

Life is so busy and can become complicated especially if you have a chronic illness.  I USED to want my house tidy and clean, but I have learned to take care of myself, DO WHAT MAKES ME HAPPY, and then do what I can in the house.  My husband helps as well.  I have plenty that I could do today in the house, but I woke up at 2:00 this morning in pain and couldn’t sleep after that.  At 5:00 when my husband woke up we went outside, sat in our comfortable lounge chairs, enjoyed some coffee, and talked until he had to get ready to go to work.  Then….. I did one of the things that I enjoy so much and is even relaxing.  I watered my flowers, shrubs, and veggies.  Yes, this is something that is enjoyable to me!  Other things I love to do that “make me happy” – just being with my husband and boys, weeding my flower and veggie beds, pool therapy, calling to check on  my Dad & Mom, talking with friends/family or going to lunch, talking with my mother-in-law, making a special dessert for my family, spending time with the Lord,  sending a card or emailing friends that are in another state, getting a massage, going for a manicure, getting a pedicure with a unique design, visiting my parents and family in my hometown, looking at family photos, staying connected with family/friends on Facebook, listening to country music, having a cook-out with all of the neighbors, getting a call from my brothers, and many other things.

My point is life is too short and we try to do too many things and by doing this we sometimes miss out on the important things in life.  Also with a chronic illness I never know from one minute to the next on when I will be too sick to take advantage of doing the things that make me happy.  I have found that sometimes when I am in great pain instead of going to bed or resting on the couch like my body seems to want to do I can go outside and spend time watering or weeding.  Because it is something that I love to do –  it sometimes helps me push through the worst of the pain.  This doesn’t always work but it is worth a try.

For the chronic pain sufferers  – I hope for you a low pain day with extra energy.  Remember, DO WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY!!

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5 Comments on “Do What Makes You Happy!”

  1. NZ Cate Says:

    I’m interested in what you say about not resting in bed or on the couch like our bodies want. I tend to find that I want to rest but I actually end up with more pain if I do. It’s very confusing, but slowly I’m getting it worked out. And I love the ‘Do what makes you happy’ theme. Thanks. 🙂

    • Ginger Ray Says:

      Thanks for your comments. I am sorry that you have fibro as well. It is true – I rest when I must, but I feel better when I stay as active as I can. Water therapy is WONDERFUL!! If you haven’t tried it I recommend it. So whatever makes you happy – do it! :0)

  2. Hi Ginger! I just love your attitude. Like you, I love a tidy and clean house. It took me a long time to accept that I can’t make my own schedule (my body does that for me). And when I’m feeling OK and productive, I now choose (like you say) things to do that make me happy. I’m a gardener as well and would choose that over house chores any day of the week :)….. I look forward to reading more of your blogs!

  3. fibromale Says:

    Hi Ginger, I see that you are now following my blog (thanks) and I went and read yours. I’m slowly figuring out this is how we build a community. I often do way to much also, two young boys is alot of work in itself. As a male with Fibro and ALL the other symptoms I am in the minority. I just went to a review from my primary care center. They gave me high marks for doing rather than staying in a ball on my couch popping vicadin. But your absolutly right ,we have to let our bodies dictate our day, and we can’t get down if we don’t get somthing done! Thank-you

    • Ginger Ray Says:

      Yes, more females have fibro. I do have an uncle with fibro and he has suffered for probably close to 50 years. Hang in there and thanks for stopping by and your comments.

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