I am so fatigued today I can barely think.  Fatigue is ever-present in patients with fibromyalgia.  I have spent many days in bed, on the couch, frequent naps, etc.  When my boys were younger they used to call the couch Mama’s charger (like a phone charger).  I preferred to rest on the couch so I could be with them and they got used to me being on “my charger” frequently to get some energy back.  Fibro patients get pretty good at fooling others concerning hiding fatigue and pain.  Sometimes I just HAVE to go to bed and get rest, but normally I try to take frequent rests in a lounge chair, on the couch, etc.  I find that I do better if I try to push myself a little rather than just staying in bed.  I am in CONSTANT pain and never get a break from it.  My Rheumatologist told me a few years ago that it appeared that I had Severe Fibromyalgia and that I would probably continue to have substantial pain and fatigue.  He also said that I would get to where I could tolerate the pain better and I thought he was simply crazy!  I reminded him about 6 months ago what he told me and that at the time I thought he was crazy, because how could anyone tolerate so much pain….. but I do.

The other day I went out to lunch with a good friend and we stopped by a store to pick up some flowers.  After a few minutes I told her that I had to go home because I was starting to crash.  She knew I was tired by that time and asked if I was in pain.  I told her that I am always in pain and yes the pain was getting to be too much and I needed to go home.  She had no idea that I had been hurting the entire time at lunch and the few minutes at the store.  I mentioned earlier that I was “starting to crash”.  What I mean by this is my fatigue is getting too great and I am going to have to lay down very soon.  I don’t do much shopping and I have been out before by myself and had to call my Mother-in-law to come and get me.  We leave my car there while she takes me home and my husband and boys go back later to pick up my car.  Once I was at a local grocery store for a few items and I got to the check-out and realized that I was about to crash.  Luckily one of our sons worked at the grocery store at the time and I asked the manager if my son could take me home since I didn’t feel well and we lived close.  He very kindly let my son take me home and unload my groceries while I went to bed.  W-E-L-L   ……. I am about to crash now so I need to stop for the day and go get some rest.

I wish for you and low pain day and extra energy!

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4 Comments on “Fatigue”

  1. I can totally relate, the other day I was driving and had to pull over so that my husband could take over. I do not drive anymore unless I have a driver with me. Sometime the fatigue builds up gradually but other times it just knocks me.

    • Ginger Ray Says:

      I have been there. At one point I didn’t drive at all (around 3 years). Now I try only to get out if I have enough energy, but like you say sometimes the fatigue comes on quickly. Thanks for your comments and I hope you have a good day.

  2. shekinah419 Says:

    Thanks for stopping by my blog to read “On a personal note”. If you dig around on there you will piece together the various chunks of my story and the convoluted path with multiple diagnoses, but most things the various docs did for me did help some. However it may be a bit of a “treasure hunt” because my blog is about “whatever is on my mind at the time”. I just wanted to tell you and others the thing I tell every person I meet who has been diagnosed with Fibro: Get a sleep study done. As a nurse I concluded long before the docs figured it out that fibro is based in sleep issues. You may think you are sleeping well and may sleep 8 or 10 hours a night but it is probably inefficient, non-restorative sleep. My sleep doc and rheumatologist (both of them are docs who research) confirmed that fact when I asked. Unforutnately not only do a lot of healthcare providers still not know or understand all that much about fibro, but the field of Sleep Medicine is still a fairly new area of study and expertise. Because of Narcolepsy I was put on Xyrem. Well, I had also been diagnosed bipolar due to mood issues before any of the sleep issues were treated, but surprise, surprise, when I’d been on Xyrem a year, I no longer needed Bipolar meds and my psychiatrist took me off of them because my moods totally stabilized. AND, my fibro pain was all but eradicated. (Though I had a recent flare which I’m now starting to conclude was triggered by a week of hard physical work when I did a small home improvement project in January-so bad it resulted in the testing for Lupus/RA and other auto-immune connective tissue stuff).

    God bless and I look forward to reading more on your blog. .

    • Ginger Ray Says:

      Thanks for the info. I have had a sleep study and have slept with a CPAP for about 5 years now. I also take a sleep medicine as well or I would get very little sleep due to the constant pain that I have. I will read your posts and look forward to additional information. It is so nice to be able to talk to people with some of the same issues that I have. Blessings to you! Have a great day!! :0)

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