My Fibromyalgia Story

Welcome to my new blog.  This is my story.

I have Severe Fibromyalgia which causes me constant pain and fatigue among many other symptoms.  I have had Fibromyalgia for many years but just didn’t know what it was.  At first it started with aches and pain that others didn’t seem to have at my age of around 30 years old.  By 40 the fatigue and pain increased and since a doctor brushed it off a few years prior with “You work full-time and have a husband and 3 children – you should be tired and have pain”, I thought that since I had turned the BIG 4-0 that MAYBE this was to be expected.  Then it quickly became apparent that this was more than turning 40 so I started with my doctor.  It wasn’t long that I made an appointment with an internal medicine doctor that sent me on to a Rheumatologist.  The Rheumatologist diagnosed me with SEVERE Fibromyalgia since my pain and fatigue was so great.  Over the next two years I tried numerous medications with little to no help with the fatigue and pain.  I had a career in financial institutions and had worked with my current employer for almost 20 years.  I had worked my way up to management and enjoyed my career.  By age 44 my fibromyalgia had become so severe that I was using a sleeping bag and pillow at work to rest in the morning before work, at lunch, and during the day as needed.  I had an office that I could close my door and blinds and my boss and employees were understanding and knew that I was very ill.  I could no longer drive myself to work or do anything at home.  My husband and boys took over all housework and all I could do was get up, take a shower, sleep/rest as my husband drove me to work, use my sleeping bag and pillow as needed during the day, sleep/rest as my husband drove me home, and crawl into bed for the night.  When I was 45 my Rheumatologist told me I could no longer work and gave me the dreaded note of “Ginger will no longer be able to work even for the forseeable future”.  I spent 2 years in bed only getting up to go to the bathroom and take a shower.  My husband or children would bring my meals to my bed because I was so weak and it was difficult for me to stay up long.  I was nauseated most of the time so I mostly ate hot cereal (The only thing besides bread and cheese that I normally ate). I have continued to see my Rheumatologist every 3 months or as needed.  I also have developed osteoarthritis that makes my joints painful in addition to the pain of fibromyalgia.  I have tried numerous medications and currently taking Lyrica that seems to give me a little relief along with other medications.  I am now able to do light housework, get out of the house a little, and spend time with my family.  I have learned that I have to conserve my energy and my main “job” is taking care of my health.  Daily life with fibromyalgia is very difficult but livable.  I hope you enjoy my blog.

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9 Comments on “My Fibromyalgia Story”

  1. Lori Says:

    Ginger, reading your story nearly brought tears to my eyes. You are an amazing person and I know without doubt, your blog will encourage and help others who suffer as you do. God Bless.
    ….Love, your sister in Washington.

  2. Ginger Ray Says:

    Dear Washington Sister, I thank God for bringing you in my life. Can you believe that we have been friends since 1999 – meeting at CUNA Management School in Wisconsin?? What a trip that was living in an old dorm for 2 weeks at a time 3 summers in a row. Thanks for your comments. You are my FIRST! If my blog can encourage only one person it will be well worth it. I know one person that will get some encouragement from it is me. Love you ♥

  3. […] My Fibromyalgia Story ( […]

  4. Peggy McMastra Says:


    I like Lori am crying as I read your blog. I think it is great you are helping others. Keep up the good work. I miss you so.

    Love your other sister Peggy McMastra

    • Ginger Ray Says:

      Hi Peggy, Nice to hear from you, but sorry that this made you cry. It is a sad story and life at times, but I have good days/hours as well as bad so I try to enjoy the good times with family and friends as I have them. Talk to you soon.

      Love, Ginger

  5. modifiedgirl Says:

    Hello Ginger,
    Very nice to meet you. I, like you, have severe fibromyalgia. I suffer every day with a pain so hard to explain to anyone other than to those of us who “know”. With fatigue that makes me feel as though someone has just unplugged me and knocks me off my feet for weeks on end. With some new, random, off the wall, totally unexpected symptom out of absolutely nowhere for the better part of the last fifteen years.

    Your words ring ever so true to my ears.

    I look forward to reading more of your blogs and the things that have worked for you. I hope to get better with my blog soon and share my experiences as well.


    • Ginger Ray Says:

      Sorry that you have fibro as well. Yes, the fatigue. I was in bed for 2 years and so fatigued I would sleep day and night. My record for sleeping at one time is 23 hours. Can you believe sleeping a whole day? At one time my husband would wake me to feed me breakfast, I would go back to bed and fall right to sleep, he would wake me for lunch, sleep again, and wake me for dinner, then sleep all night. My family said that I was like a baby sleeping all the time. :0) I look forward to reading your blog. I wish for you a low pain day with extra energy!

  6. I write about many things in my blog, A LOT about having Fibromyalgia, AND an auto-immune disease called Hashimoto’s THyroiditis. I also have other things far too numerous to count. check out my blog if you need answers or have questions or just want to stop by. I take Savella for my fibro which has helped, as usual, a little. Laurie

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